Masāžas pussfēras bumbas inSPORTline

Masāžas pussfēras bumbas inSPORTline

Artikuls: 1347

Ražotājs: inSPORTline

Valsts: Čehijas Republika

Piegādes terminš: No 1 līdz 3 darba dienām

Cena ar PVN: 21%

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Regular Price: 17.70 €

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Regular Price: 17.70 €


Masāžas pussfēras bumbas inSPORTline


Massage pad inSPORTline is designed to massage acupressure points located on the inside foot. Massage will support the immune system, blood circulation and activate nerve endings and areas that have a beneficial effect on the proper function of internal organs. Package of 2 pieces.

  • Foot massage pad
  • Suitable for fitness and relaxation exercises
  • Massage cones perform light massage and stimulation
  • Helps to increase circulation and release tension
  • Package contains 2 pads
  • Color: Blue

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