OxyWatch C15D fingertip pulse oximeter

OxyWatch C15D fingertip pulse oximeter

Product code: MD300C15D

Manufacturer: ChoiceMMed

Warranty: 2 years

Country: USA

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Package Contents 1x OxyWatch C15D Pulse Oximeter 1x Lanyard 2x AAA Batteries 1. Pulse oximeters are sensitive to motion artifacts. Keep hands still while taking a reading. 2. Pulse oximeters require sufficient blood flow to obtain proper readings. Poor blood circulation can result in inaccurate readings. If your hands are cold or you have poor circulation, warm your hands by rubbing them together or use another method before attempting to obtain a reading. A tourniquet, blood pressure cuff or other blood flow hindrances may also result in inaccurate readings. 3. Fingernail polish or acrylic nails obstruct the light transmission and may also result in inaccurate readings. 4. Your finger must be clean for a proper reading. 5. The pulse oximeter must be clean for a proper reading. 6. If a reading is difficult to obtain, switch to another finger or to the other hand. 7. There are a number of other conditions which may lead to an inaccurate reading including but not limited to recent medical tests that included an injection of dyes, use of arterial catheters, a weak pulse, low levels of hemoglobin in the blood, low perfusion (the quality of your pulse), elevated levels of dysfunctional hemoglobin, the strength and type of light that you are in while using the pulse oximeter and the existence of cell phones, radios, and fixed transmitters within certain ranges of the pulse oximeter during use. 8. The pulse oximeter will not alert you if your readings are out of normal range. 9. Explosion hazard: Do not use the pulse oximeter in an explosive atmosphere. 10. The pulse oximeter has no SpO2 alarms; it is not for continuous monitoring, as indicated by the symbol. Technical Specifications 1. Display: LCD display PR display mode: bargraph Low power indication: 2. Battery Standard: Two AAA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries 3. Power Consumption: Less than 40mA 4. Resolution: ±1% for SpO2 and ±1 BPM for Pulse Rate 5. Measurement Range: Measuring range for SpO2: 70-100% Measuring range for PR: 30-250 BPM 6. Measurement Accuracy: SpO2: 70-100%, ±2 digits; <70%, no definition PR: 30~99 BPM, ±2 BPM; 100~250 BPM, ±2% 7. Environment Requirement: Operation Temperature: 5°C~40°C (41°F~104°F). Storage Temperature: -20°C~55°C (-4°F~131°F) Ambient Humidity: ≤80%, no condensation in operation ≤93%, no condensation in storage. 8. Automatic Power Off: The oximeter will power off automatically after 8 seconds when the finger is removed. 9. It is recommended that the product be kept in a dry place. A damp ambient might affect its lifetime and even might damage the product. 10. Declaration EMC of this product complies with IEC60601-1-2 standard The materials which users can come into contact with are non-toxic and comply with ISO10993-1, ISO10993-5 and ISO10993-10